It didn’t like Sony very much either. But now the burner won’t recognize the disc. I have a 16x10x40 Que Fire which died recently after about a year of very intermittent use. Outpost sent me a second drive and CD to try; same result with driver; returned both to Outpost with full refund – no THAT is customer service. First, I tested the drive as an audio burner.

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I see from this forum that my problem is likely not Toast-related.

I have loaded and reloaded the software, talked with customer service, tech service, and after many hours of frustration, I feel that they should destroy the whole company. Waited an eternity 45 minutes on the customer service line just to reach a human being.

Imation 8824mm-062 Cd-rw CD Burner 8x8x24 Drive Recorder

But I got the stupid thing for umationcd Mac. Never dropped it or anything. Last thing I did with it was attempt to burn some tracks off a CD. My problem is, I was wsanting to put a 3. The CD to be burned does not show up on the desktop and, when I select OK to the error message, the disc is ejected.


Imation mm Cd-rw CD Burner 8x8x24 Drive Recorder | eBay

You could burn a CD at 1 bit per hour and it would be burn-4c4x6 same data, and hence the same quality audio. Would I be able to use them in my car’s CD player? Same question does anyone know where I can get upgraded softwear? I happened upon this web page.

Cycling the power and unplugging the drive and plugging back in seems to work for me. I priced various models, and found a great deal through Outpost.

The rule in customer support seems to be “anybody’s fault but ours. Then, the QPS customer service nightmare began.

I’m not too crazy about the Toast software, but I’ll give it a chance. Anyone out imationce with a new suggestion, I am all ears. Checked extensions, software, drivers. I could only use it as a ‘read only’ unit and that was it. I have iTunes and toast, as well.

ATPM – Review: Que! Fire CD-RW Drive

Anyone else with a similar problem? QPS tech support, on the other hand, is fairly responsive.

Visit our Driver Support Page to watch helpful step-by-step videos on how to install drivers based on their file extension. If you’re in the UK and have also had problems with your Que! Anyone with experiences swapping out the original drive, please write in Maybe it has something to do with error correction schemes.


Can someone please e-mail me and tell me what to do? It’s too old to try and return, but it was probably the biggest waste of money on a computer product I’ve ever spent. Is this a common problem? It had worked when I first got it, though it was a little touchy with problems recognizing the drive.

It is a top-notch product. The write-once discs, available in silver, black and five neon colors, offer an increased storage capacity of MB of data or up to 80 minutes for audio files. It works fine when I reboot in OS 9. Sue these people for their faulty product!! Fire 8x4x32 CD-RW drive. Installation is so simple.