Send me an email telling me what you have done so far. I could not quite grock your reply. Please visit our wiki page for more info about this product. Have you tried asking the guys on the iTead blog not the forum for help? If it was over serial, you might as well use the on board ATmega on the Colorduino to save using an Uno at all. For now, it can be downloaded here:

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Hey people, great project! Maybee i find the problem later on…. Right now, Colorduinoo can say that it helps me a lot to study a programming and innovate some interesting stuff. Sounds like a whole new project. Can you send me the demo code if possible?

No, not the plasma demo, this is fine. Hope that makes more sense!

They might be able to help. How does it work? GetPixel x,y ; wich do the trick: Thanks for the response, Nick; I appreciate it.

Colorduino V RGB LED Matrix Driver

The DM chip also provides 3 x 6bit correction registers, useful for calibrating the respective brightness of each colorduinp channel in software. Do colordyino have an i2c demo program?? Max current per channel on the DM is set by external resistors, and when I check the values on the Colorduino schematic, these resistors are all 1Ks, which corresponds to 60 mA even a bit less, say 58 mA.


Are you in London too?


There is a Funduino tutorial here: Hi, you would need to write a lot of code ; not something I have on my site, but I think colorduino comes with a few examples — maybe check on their website. You are commenting using your WordPress.

I need it before 3rd MAY. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I have a question about the Colorduino board specs, and have tried contacting iTead and posting on the Arduino projects forum, with no response from either. Hi Jan, nice to see you got it work: What is the result with darlington driver?

Do i need to put an IC on the Duemilanove while i program the colorduino? The only things you have to change — i use colorduino library v1.

No reason why a Uno would not work. Simple circuit theory says that you can combine two current sources in parallel; in your opinion, am I right, or am I overlooking rgbb subtle or obvious with this hardware? Hey, glad I was able to help in some small way — great that you are still interested in all this stuff! Thank you for any help.


I do appreciate you a lot on the time that you replied on my comments. Download file i worked with and try — it should work.

So on essence just send 2 displays worth of data. If you want to reprogram it, say using the Arduino code editor, you need to pick up a USB to serial cable.

Hi, any example SD i2c sketch for the colorduino? How would you send data to the Uno? Seeed Studio also sell them and I have seen them on eBay. The demo code only takes up 4K and could easily be slimmed down.