Not a member of Complaint Board? Reapeated calls to your Customer Care cell have been in vain and my complaint has not even been recorded therein. If you still face problems please inform me. It’s been dead for 1 month. I have been facing a lot of problems since the installation, but the biggest is not being able to reach anyone at BSNL for help. My local post office is very dutiful , the telephone authority must have delayed giving it to post office.

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Information of the Company you are complaining about. Cash not in hand: Proactive maintenance Time dependent bandwidth Time Dependent bandwidth: The helpline mldem given along with the installation CD are useless as no one picks up the telephone or whoever picks up is clueless.

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Naktala, Kolkata – Dead telephone The above mentioned phone is repaired. Indiaideas icici – Jio recharge pending Sir, my bsnll amount of r.

Will BSNL repair the modem if it stops working? Yuvi auctioned for Rs 1 crore, but his work is priceless.


I was using Tel. After getting an excessive bill I started locking my telephone, but without any result. Control, Manage the leased line network Bandwidth management as per the customer demand Pro-active maintenance, without mosem for customer to book a complaint.


From the day of the installation I have been facing problems in connecting to the Internet. My phone is dead for almost three months and I have tried all the options of talking with Calcutta telephones but I have lost all hopes. Adventure treks lined up in north Bengal forests States. Mukherjee and Habibur Rahman Ranjan Das: Inspite of registering complaint repeatedly thru phone and personal visit to Purbaputiary telephone office no action have been take.

For broadband related problems, dial Charges for one year or more at one time: Agamya Enterprises – Fraud company that fools people Alot of people have similar issues. I also submitted the letter requesting for disconnection of Broadband connection on Phone No.

Bandwidth up-gradation shall be allowed. The system of tabulating the night-time unlimited usage data between 2 am and 8 am is faulty.

What is the actual rate? May be the BSNL officials for this service are not concerned about their works. I want immediate action. For example, a Kbps circuit may be allowed to become Kbps for a minimum 6 hours per day other 18 hours it may remain as Kbpscalcutga a Kbps circuit cannot be downgraded to Kbps for any period in the day.


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If you don’t see the email in your Inbox, modek check your Spam box. If I fail to make payment within the due date, Calcutta Telephone charges penalty and other charges for no fault of mine.

Garden post office is also dutiful. Calls to the local exchange and the broadband helpline are useless.

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Saving the cost of modems. Datta, Biplab Das, R.

The modems are not supposed to become very hot since they have an in-built ventilation mechanism. I am a widow, over 70 years in age ; and, my children do not live in Kolkata any more.

If your problem still isn? Landline Mobile Broadband Enterprise Services.